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Beneath the embedded table, provide a list of all pertinent full URLs (not text links) for purchases/services. Make sure the URLs lead directly to the offerings and pricing..

Beneath the embedded table, provide a list of all pertinent full URLs (not text links) for purchases/services. Make sure the URLs lead directly to the offerings and pricing..

Use the attached as for info

  • Project Overview and Requirements         
    • Copy your executive summary from your Unit 1 assignment.  You may update this if you feel more specificity would be helpful to  the client.
    • In a second paragraph, explain project requirements.  This is essentially a list of features and desired functionality of the  final deliverable, accompanied by some detail and presented in paragraph  form.
    • Write 170?220 words for this section of the document.
  • Resources and Costs         
    • Copy your costs from the Unit 1 assignment and then make alterations:                 
      • Look for specific products as needed. Specify them by name (manufacturer and product, provider and specific service, etc.).
      • Adjust prices so that your cost estimate is closer to what you think you will need.
      • Add a line for contingency funds: First, figure out a total and then add 10% to arrive at a grand total.
    • Again, use embedded Excel and ensure that all parts of the embedded table can be seen in the Word template. All calculations must be done by formula.
    • Beneath the embedded table, provide a list of all  pertinent full URLs (not text links) for purchases/services. Make sure  the URLs lead directly to the offerings and pricing.
  • Schedule         
    • Project Management Track:                 
      • Develop a Gantt chart using Microsoft Project. Start with the overview you wrote for the Unit 1 Assignment and include:                         
        • Tasks and subtasks (at least 12 total lines)
        • Timing: Duration and start/finish dates. Be realistic.
        • Predecessors
        • Resources (people or team names)
      • Review and save it in Gantt chart view so that the table and bar chart are both showing.
      • In the Implementation Plan document under  Schedule, type a quick note that the schedule is available in the Gantt  chart. (Project does not embed in Word. Do not take screenshots ? just  refer the reader to the other file.)
    • IT Specialist Track:                 
      • Copy your schedule overview Word table from Unit 1 and add sufficient detail. Include:                         
        • Tasks and subtasks (at least 12 items) so that they are expected to be completed.
        • Timing: Estimate start and end dates.
        • Expected completion: Specifically  identify what part(s) are planned for completion before the end of the  course. This can be made clear in the table or explained in a sentence  below the table.
  • Performance Measures and Quality Plan         
    • Explain how project performance (input and output) and  quality (meeting client needs) will be measured. If you need ideas to  get started, check the Reading part of this unit.
    • Mention at least four separate ideas:                 
      • At least one must address data security.
      • At least one other must deal with costs using an  established quantitative measurement such as ROI, TCO, Net Cash Flow,  Internal Rate of Return, or some other financial model. Again, show the  math, even if you use an online calculator to find a result.
    • Write 150?180 words for this section.
    • Present this information in paragraph form, a bulleted list, or a Word table (it is your choice).
  • Risk Management Plan         
    • Identify risks that could logically affect your project  during development or after deployment. If you need ideas to get  started, check the Reading part of this unit.
    • Mention at least four separate risks:                 
      • One must address fluctuations in the Triple Constraint. If you need clarification, check this unit’s Reading.
      • At least one other risk must deal with data security.
    • For each risk:                 
      • Provide a mitigation or contingency plan for each.
      • Classify each as high, medium, or low risk.
    • Write 150?180 words for this section.
    • Use a Word table to present this information.

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