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 Not all groups in our society truly do have the same work experience depending on where a person might live demographically. Race, gender and sexual orientation might place a large factor in the workforce environment.

 Not all groups in our society truly do have the same work experience depending on where a person might live demographically. Race, gender and sexual orientation might place a large factor in the workforce environment.


Not all groups in our society truly do have the same work experience depending on where a person might live demographically. Race, gender and sexual orientation might place a large factor in the workforce environment. In an adult world all differences must be put aside to make the short amount of time we have on this planet more enjoyable. It is unfortunate that some people are hypersensitive to certain things that play factors These issues impact our world as a whole in the EEO and productivity as a whole. This topic has nothing to do with any of that. The data provided will be pre-Covid-19 because that curve ball really put a dent in all data collection. It is just now starting to level out. We will be speculating numbers as a baseline of a certain population in a certain state. The numbers do in fact some invariable factors included in them but will give a rough estimate of unemployment and wages. I have lived in every region of the United States and have seen the different employment opportunities available.

I will be using Minnesota for demographic location explaining the variances of employment. As of May 2022 the unemployment rate was 3.6% with the rate being 3.5% for January 2020. Like stated before the data has just now began to level back out to almost normal. I was going to target the farm work that goes in in Minnesota but, since it has been developing so much construction seems to be the largest nonfarm growth without the seasonal variances. The adjusted unemployment rate of Minnesota in general is 2.2% lower than the national overage and 2nd lowest within the whole midwest region right behind Nebraska. Have you ever been to Nebraska? Its mostly farm with about 3 medium sized cities.

Minnesota is continuing to grow and with growth comes construction. There will never be a shortage in these seasonal jobs of this harsh environment of extreme climate.All road construction occurs in the summer months only with interior construction working year around.


Based on the department of labor website, the national unemployment rate is 3.6% as of May 2022.

based on statists, in 2021 the unemployment rate average was 5.3. This website broke down different demographics,  the two lowest demographics were white(4.7%) and Asian (5%) , and the highest were black(8.6%) and Puerto Rican (8.2%).

Stats website shows the unemployment rate between men and women to include the years and different countries.  It is interesting to see that some countries have similar unemployment rate to the Us as man and women are only off by 1% and other countries like Colombia are off by 8%. those are huge differences.  you can see that over the years women unemployment rate is getting closer and closer to men’s average unemployment rate. This is because women are taking leaps forward, now being allowed into more and more job markets. 


The unemployment rate refers to the percentage of the workforce that is out of work. It’s a poor indicator, meaning it rises or falls in response to economic developments rather than anticipating them.  When the economy is in poor shape and jobs are scarce, the unemployment rate is likely to rise. It can be anticipated to decline when the economy is growing at a strong rate and employment are available. The jobless rate is the proportion of the workforce that is currently jobless but might become such in the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the unemployment rate in six distinct methods, each utilizing different criteria. The U-6 rate is the most comprehensive number published, although the U-3 rate is the most often used and quoted. 

The current national unemployment rate in the United States is 4.6 percent, whereas the unemployment rate for Black or African American persons in the United States is 7.9. The national unemployment rate and that of Black or African Americans are vastly different. Minorities’ unemployment rates are greater than the national norm for a variety of reasons. Historical events such as slavery and the civil rights fight, as well as the percentage of black families living in poverty, have a significant effect in the lives of African Americans. Furthermore, in 2017, there were 2,336 black males in jail for every 100,000 individuals. Because being in jail affects one’s chances of finding job once released, this high rate of imprisonment may contribute to African Americans’ high unemployment rate. 

Disparities in earnings African Americans in the United States earn less than other ethnic groups. In 2018, African Americans earned $694 per week, compared to $1,095 per week for Asians and $886 per week for whites. While African Americans’ unemployment rate is at an all-time low, it is clear that much has to change in order to achieve real equality.

In addition to education, geographic dispersion is an essential factor to consider. Even when income levels are identical, blacks are more likely than whites to live in economically disadvantaged areas1, resulting in a greater unemployment rate. Furthermore, data shows that Hispanic immigrants are more likely to stay near to home, whereas Asian immigrants are more likely to pick places based on economic potential.

While both groups tend to concentrate in certain regions, it’s probable that Hispanics, like blacks, dwell in areas with limited economic opportunities, whilst Asians congregate in areas with more opportunities. This would explain why Hispanics have a greater unemployment rate than Asians, if the theory is correct.

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