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Santiago Canyon College Simultaneous Variation of a Melodic Line Questions

Santiago Canyon College Simultaneous Variation of a Melodic Line Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a music multi-part question and need a reference to help me understand better.


1. Sonata No. V (2 points)

a. What instrument does the ‘prepared piano’ sound like to you?

b. Relating to the listening notes, do you think this sounds more East or West? Defend your answer:

c. Which elements of music do you think are altered by ‘preparing’ the piano?

d. What do you think of this?


2. Javanese Gamelan (pg. 398-399) – 2 pts.

a. After watching, tell me two things that stand out about this performance:



b. List counter times for two places in the music when the tempo speeds up:

c. List the counter time where a wind instrument is used:

d. Tell me what you think of this:


3. 4’33” – John Cage (not in the book) – 2 pts.

a. Is this music? Why or why not? Be specific. Write a few sentences:

b. No matter what your answer is to 3a, tell me what YOU think music is:


4. Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima – Krystof Penderecki (not in book) – 3 points

a. How much did you get through (honestly)?

b. How did it make you feel while listening?

c. What do you think the point is of writing music like this?

d. Does it change your ideas about the purpose of music? Why or why not?


5. Symphony No. 4 (Heroes), I – Phillip Glass (pg. 422) – 3 pts.

a. Listen to the original song by David Bowie. If you didn’t know this symphony was based on this song, would you recognize it?

b. Note the counter time when you first hear the bells (not the little tinkly chimes, but honest-to-goodness bells):

c. Describe (don’t just list) the way Glass used two different elements of music in this example:



d. Use two adjectives to describe the way this music sounds to you, personally:




6. Imperial March, from The Empire Strikes Back – John Williams (pg. 431) – 3 pts

a. Describe how two elements of music stand out in Imperial March:



b. Which instrument plays the Darth Vader leitmotif at about 1:09?

c Which two elements of music used in Imperial March sound most like Mars?



d. Describe two ways that Williams changed the elements of music for the Death of Vader:



e. Who are the ‘special guests’ in this performance?


Bonus Point (1 pt. extra credit): What is your favorite John Williams soundtrack, and why?


7. Aerith’s Theme – Nobuo Uematsu (pg. 433) – 2 pts.

a. Describe the way Uematsu used two different elements of music in this example.



b. Use two adjectives to describe this music:



c. If you didn’t know this was video game music, what story would you think this music was telling? Explain your answer:


8. Batter My Heart – John Adams (pg. 442) – 2 pts.

a. How does the music leading up to his singing (the ritornello) make you feel about what’s upcoming?

b. The singer is a baritone. Use two words that describe timbre to describe his voice:

c. Name a part in this example that stands out, list the counter time, then explain your answer:

d. This aria is dramatic, for all the reasons listed above. Give me your opinion of it. Are you moved by it, or not?

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