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FNU Newtons Laws of Motion and Distance Exercises

FNU Newtons Laws of Motion and Distance Exercises

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I’m working on a astronomy test / quiz prep and need support to help me study.

  1. he tides on Earth are an example of

  2. Question 2

    4 PointsWhy is Newton’s version of Kepler’s third law so useful to astronomers?

  3. Question 3

    4 PointsAbsolute zero is ________.

  4. Question 4

    4 PointsThe energy attributed to an object by virtue of its motion is known as ________.

  5. Question 5

    4 PointsNewton’s version of Kepler’s third law states: p2 = × a3In this equation, what does a represent?

  6. Question 6

    4 PointsConsidering Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2, which of the following statements is true?

  7. Question 7

    4 PointsThe force due to gravity between two objects can be described using the equation Fg = G M1 M2 / d2. In this equation, what does G represent?

  8. Question 8

    4 PointsNewton’s version of Kepler’s third law states: p2 = × a3In this equation, what does G represent?

  9. Question 9

    4 PointsWhat do we mean by the orbital energy of an orbiting object (such as a planet, moon, or satellite)?

  10. Question 10

    4 PointsAt which lunar phase(s) are tides least pronounced (e.g., the lowest high tides)?

  11. Question 11

    4 PointsWhich of the following statements expresses what we mean by a scientific theory?

  12. Question 12

    4 PointsKepler developed his model of elliptical orbits because of an 8-arcminute discrepancy between observations and a model of planetary motion with circular orbits.

  13. Question 13

    4 PointsThe great contribution of Nicholas Copernicus was to ________.

  14. Question 14

    4 PointsScientific thinking developed only in the past few decades.

  15. Question 15

    4 PointsThe great contribution of Tycho Brahe was to ________.

  16. Question 16

    4 PointsCopernicus’s model of the solar system gave much better predictions than the model of Ptolemy.

  17. Question 17

    4 PointsThe ancient Greeks get a lot of attention for their contributions to science because ________.

  18. Question 18

    4 PointsThe names of the seven days of the week are derived from the names of the members of the solar system that are visible to the naked eye.

  19. Question 19

    4 PointsWhat do we mean by a geocentric model of the universe?

  20. Question 20

    4 PointsThe ancient goal of astrology was to

  21. Question 21

    4 PointsSuppose you are in an elevator that is traveling upward at constant speed. How does your weight compare to your normal weight on the ground?

  22. Question 22

    4 PointsSuppose you lived on the Moon. Which of the following would be true?

  23. Question 23

    4 PointsNewton’s second law states: sum of forces = mass × acceleration. If a known force was applied to an object with a known mass, how would you predict that object’s acceleration?

  24. Question 24

    4 PointsThe fact that Voyager 10 continues to speed out of the solar system, even though its rockets have no fuel, is an example of

  25. Question 25

    4 PointsSpeed and velocity are the same thing.

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